Four Staging Solutions for Selling Your Home

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Have you ever walked into an open house and wondered, “What were they thinking?” If you’re putting your home on the market, read our four tips for staging your home effectively this spring.

  1. Put any collections into storage. Even if you have high-end cases built for your collectibles and could find buyers with the same interest, your objects may come off as clutter and make your home seem less spacious.
  2. Clear out your closets. Although your first instinct may be to hide any clutter in closets, prospective home buyers are eager to look and see how much room is inside. Take this opportunity to sell, donate or throw out things that you no longer need. Be sure to put any out-of-season clothing that usually crams closets into storage. Organized closets will put your future homeowners at ease knowing there is a place for everything.
  3. Be aware of your scent. Stage your home for every sense — including smell! Be sure to ask your agent to make you aware of any odors and be sure to remedy them before any potential buyers walk through.
  4. Take a second look or consult someone else. Often times homeowners pare down their furniture and decorations when preparing for an open house. Unfortunately, owners are used to seeing all of their items and can be unaware of how distracting it can be for a stranger. Buyers should be able to picture their family living at the house, not yours. When in doubt, ask your real estate agent and friends to come in and help decide what should go into storage. Think of it as pre-packing!

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