Six Unwritten Rules Every Seller Should Follow

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The house is clean, the landscaping is done, the house is listed for sale and your first showing is scheduled. Everything is immaculate but there is still one more thing that needs to be taken care of…you! No matter how beautiful your home and yard are, your behavior and how you approach the sale can affect potential offers from coming in. Here are the six unwritten rules that all sellers should know:

1. Leave your home during a showing or an open house. Buyers don’t feel comfortable looking around your home if you are still there. They might not feel like they can express their opinions or ask the questions they want to as not to offend you. They also need to be able to picture themselves living there, and it will be hard if the previous tenant is still there.SW Sign Street

2. When you leave, make sure to take your pets with you! In addition to potential allergies, many home buyers may not like pets or are afraid of certain animals. On the flip side you don’t want to stress your animals out by having strangers walk through their home, so skip the negative first impression of your home and take your fur babies with you.

3. Make parking as easy as possible. Move your cars out of the way so that your potential buyer has a front row spot
to your home. It is better for you to have the burden of finding somewhere to park than your visitor.shutterstock_265514621

4. Lay out important documents for visitors to view. Talk to your Shorewest, REALTOR® on what documents would be a good idea to leave out. Proof of any major repairs, home inspection report, appraisal, home warranty, monthly bill information laid out on the kitchen counter will give your potential buyers a real idea of what if would be like to move in.

5. In addition to important documents, lay out refreshments and light snacks. House hunters can get parched and depending on how much time they have spent in your home, they may be convinced to spend a little more time if they can have a snack or drink. Simple things like water and crackers or cookies are a great addition and leave a positive impression.

6. In the end, make sure to listen to your Shorewest, REALTOR®. If your Shorewest, REALTOR® suggests that you may want to put away your collection of over 100 Victorian porcelain dolls, it is not personal but trying to make your home appeal to the general public. Your licensed, trained, professional Real Estate Agent has experience and wants your home selling journey to be the best it can be.

Getting your home ready to show is never easy, but these six tips will help smooth the process along. Your Shorewest, REALTOR® is there to help you have the best experience possible and will guide you through any questions or concerns. #ShorewestRealtors #ShorewestFamily #SellingMyHome

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