Trend Alert! The Grandmillennial

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Design trends are cyclical, and we see them resurface every few decades. Even fads you never thought you’d see again, like embroidered linens, floral wallpaper and your grandmother’s china, are making their way back into fashion. 

As each generation tends to rebel against the one before, minimalistic homes with mid-century modern decor and monochromatic looks will be phased out and granny-chic is in! This new wave of homeowners is all about individuality, expressing their creativity and fully committing to a personal aesthetic. 

With Millennials being a major driving force in the housing market the latest home decor trend, coined “Grandmillennial,” is becoming more and more mainstream. Homeowners ranging in age from mid-20s to late-30s are in favor of design trends that have, up until recently, been considered stuffy and outdated. They take drapery, skirts on furniture, needlepoint pillows and floral patterns and update them to be more fitting for today. For many, it’s just a fresh take on what they grew up with. By mixing in a few modern elements, the style is nostalgic and comfortable without being of poor taste. The look takes the best parts of old and new styles and elegantly combines them.


Some  key elements for the Grandmillennial style are:

    • Bold patterns


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    • Fringe, ruffles and frills

    • Crisp colors


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    • A collection (China, milk glass, a particular china pattern, etc.)


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The Grandmillennial styles creates a fun juxtaposition between minimalism and maximalism. So, above all, decorate your home with things you love and enjoy!

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