Trick-or-Treat Tips for Children and Homeowners

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With trick-or-treat happening in the next week for Wisconsin families, it’s an important time to remember some great tips about staying safe on this fun-filled day.


  • Never trick-or-treat alone. Always go in a group with at least two other people.
  • Carry a flashlight for nighttime trick-or-treat.
  • Accept treats only in the doorway of homes. Never go inside the house of someone you don’t know.


  • Keep jack-o-lanterns far from trick-or-treaters so there are no fire risks from the candles inside them.
  • Illuminate the path to your home, especially for trick-or-treating after dark.
  • Keep your pets safe in another part of the house to protect them from running out into traffic or getting spooked by a scary costume.

For more tips like these to keep children, pets, and homeowners safe during trick or treat, visit Haunted Wisconsin’s list of helpful tips and advice. To see when to trick-or-treat is happening in your neighborhood, view the schedule here.

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