Selling in Spring

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Spring is a time for fresh starts一planting a new garden, animals coming out of hibernation and for many people, the time to sell their home. If it’s been a while since you showed your home any love and you are wondering what you need to do to get yourself in a good situation to sell, you’re not alone. Keep reading for a list of ideas that will give your home a new and fresh feel without breaking the bank! You’ll be ready to sell in no time.

Replace Old Hardware

If drawer knobs and handles look worn from daily use, now is the perfect time to spruce them up! Most knobs are easy enough to replace with a screwdriver, and making this replacement can be the difference between a beat-up room and a fresh and clean-looking space. Don’t limit yourself to just cabinet and drawer knobs, though! Take a look at the doors in your home and see how their handles look一being one of the most commonly touched surfaces in the house may have left them looking more worn out than you realize! 

Welcoming First Impression

A porch or patio is one of the first things that someone spots when pulling up to tour a home, so make sure that yours makes a great first impression! Focus on the upcoming good weather by setting out your patio furniture, and add some decor to your porch. Show your potential buyers what this house will look like all season long so they can truly envision themselves enjoying the space. Don’t forget to uncover the grill to really sell that warm weather feeling! 

Spring Cleaning

No potential homeowner wants to tour a messy home. Before listing, you’ll want to get every nook and cranny of your space clean, no matter how hidden away the space may feel. Not only does that mean the usual vacuuming, mopping and scrubbing, but that includes tidying up your closets and cabinets as well! Make sure storage spaces are tidy enough that they show off their max capacity rather than the things that you have stored in them. If you don’t feel that you could get your home cleaned to the standards you’d like on your own, this is the perfect time to hire a cleaner to come out and freshen up the space. You can always handle certain aspects like wiping down appliances on your own after the cleaning team has finished.


One of the easiest ways to start preparing your home for listing is to depersonalize the space. Clear children’s drawings off the fridge or take your collectibles off the shelf to help your home sell! While it may seem like a small task, this allows potential homeowners to see the space through their own eyes rather than how you envisioned it for yourself. Not to mention that putting some of your smaller items away now can really help you to get a head start on packing before you purchase your next home!

We’re starting to see the early signs of spring, so why not show the early signs of selling? Don’t lock yourself into thinking that you need to spend a whole year preparing your house for a big move! Spring has long been regarded as the best time to sell, and the sooner you start preparing your home, the sooner you can talk to your Shorewest agent and get started on the selling process and start looking for your dream home.


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