The Worst Things To Forget Before a Major Move: Part I

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The weeks leading up to a big move are always full of things to do. Here’s the first part in a two-part series of the worst things to forget before a major move.

  1. Your local government. In many places, having a moving truck on the street, especially for hours at a time, requires a permit. Check first with your village, town or city government to ensure you won’t be leaving your neighborhood with a fine.
  2. Your hidden belongings. Make sure to take another look (or two) around the house to avoid leaving holiday decorations or prized possessions that are usually tucked away. Be sure to check attics, crawl spaces and built-in cabinets and you will likely find something that was bound to be left behind.
  3. Your items on loan. Remember to check with your neighbors, family and friends to grab anything you have lent out before you move. Make sure to inventory your items and assemble them before the move.
  4. Your sleeping arrangements. Everything is packed away the night before the move, except you have nothing to sleep on and nowhere to go. Pack the bed away last or ask to stay with a friend or family member the night before.
  5. Your records. While most of us are used to keeping electronic copies of all our documents, many doctors, dentists and schools keep paper records. Be sure to get copies from everyone if you are moving to a new neighborhood, and keep them in a safe place during and after the move.

These tips are sure to remind you to check back for anything that is likely to be forgotten. Come back to the Shorewest blog next Monday to get the second part of this useful checklist.

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