The Worst Things to Forget Before a Major Move: Part II

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Last week, we showed you Part I of our “Worst Things to Forget Before a Major Move” series. This week, we’re back with the next five tips for the weeks leading up to your big move.

  1. Your utilities. The American Moving & Storage Association recommends turning off utilities two to three days after you move out and turning them on at your new home two to three days before you move in. This keeps your bills relatively low and ensures that your utilities will be ready for you as  you move in.
  2. Your mail. Check with your post office before you move to forward mail to your new address. the USPS has change of address kits that should help forward your mail on for the first few months as you change your mailing addresses yourself.
  3. Your movers insurance. Very few movers offer true insurance, but most offer valuation protection, which covers only a percentage of what your goods are worth. Federal legislation is looking to change this, but make sure to consider true insurance, which is offered by an insurance agent.
  4. Your paid labor. Consider tipping your movers, especially if you have a lot of heavy goods or a difficult situation, such as a fourth-floor walk-up. There’s no rule on tipping your movers, but it is certainly appreciated.
  5. Your repairs. Keep an eye on any last minute repairs you may need to do, such as nail holes in the walls. Sometimes these problems are revealed as furniture is moved and you can see remnants left behind.

These tips round out our worst things to forget series. Make sure to check out Part I of this series and follow us on Pinterest to see all of our tips and advice blog posts.

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